Design works

  • Design of steel structures for the power equipment of substations
  • Design of cabel and overhead transmission lines
  • Design of foundations under the power equipment of substations
  • Design of electrical part of substations


Civil construction works

  • Manufacturing and installation of foundations for the substation power equipment
  • Manufacturing and installation of foundations for the transmission lines
  • Construction of substation control and switchgear buildings


Installation works

  • Installation of circuit breakers, disconnectors and other high-voltage substation equipment
  • Installation of high and low voltage distributional equipment
  • Installation of power and control cabels, finding of cable line fault location, installation of connection and end muffs
  • Installation of control, measuring and automation devices
  • Installation and forming of accumulator batteries


Commissioning works

  • Commissioning of control, measuring and automation devices
  • Commissioning of electrotechnical equipment


Manufacturing works

  • Manufacturing of complect transformer substations
  • Manufacturing of power cubicles
  • Manufacturing of distribution panels
  • Manufacturing of input and distribution panels
  • Manufacturing of automatic reserve input devices
  • Manufacturing of steel structures for substation power equipment
  • Manufacturing of cable channels and ducts
  • Manufacturing of steel form-boxes for monolith foundations for substation power equipment and transmission lines supports
  • Manufacturing of non-standart electrotechnical equipment


Repair works

  • Repair, rehabilitation and reconstruction of electrotechnical equipment



  • Analizing of projects and providing of recomendations, consultancy services